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We Urduwallahs are passionate about learning, understanding and discussing Urdu. The language tickled our curiosity to such an extent that we decided to learn its nuances. Through the process of our Urdu diploma, we discovered that the language comes with a treasure trove of exciting delights. It took us to incredible journeys into vintage back alleys of history where these lyrical alphabets and words might have originated. We felt part of a universe, which we never knew existed and wanted to cuddle in its arms, we hoped to submerge ourselves in the meaning of what we had unearthed. Through the writings of various poets and writers, we travelled vicariously to the countries and spaces. Some words, lines, phrases and verses captured our being, making it an addiction.

At Urduwallahs, we do not claim to be maestros of the Urdu language. But we do claim to have a passion for it. We want to share what wArwa (left) Priya (right)e discover. Come join us as we embark on our journey of delving into crevices of this sweet speech and splitting words to extract the marrow from it.

A theatre performance, a poetry reading, a visiting poet, an interview with a writer, whatever little Urdu trudges with a walking stick in Mumbai we want to be there to cover it.  We are drawn to Urdu like vultures are drawn to their prey; our motive is not compassion but greed. Greed to keep the language alive! Greed to keep our passion alive!

– Urduwalli Arwa and Urduwalli Priya 

Arwa Mamaji is an independent film maker and Priya Nijhara is a marketing professional, both based in Mumbai. They have learned the basics of the Urdu language in an attempt  to understand its nuances. They hold monthly mehfils (gatherings) in Mumbai at Prithvi Theatre, Juhu to discuss and discover Urdu poets, writings and related topics. If you would like to participate, please drop in a line at urduwallahs@gmail.com. 

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  1. I love referring to Mirza Ghalib’s poetry when I want to romance with this language! This is a great initiative! Count me in to participate.

    • Dear Gazala,
      Thanks a ton : )…hope you enjoy our regular couplets, articles and anecdotes on our musings with urdu.

    • Daljit Singh in IK said:

      Very good translation of Urdu poetry I am learning more than I did when I read Diwan-e- Ghalib at Government college Ludhiana in 1952. We were prescribed a book on Diwan e Ghalib with annotations name forgotten made clear everything. Please suggest a book of that type where to buy I am in UK

    • globaleducationservices said:

      चंद रातो पहले लिखा, आप सबकी नज़र..

      यह अनजान सी वहशियत क्या है,
      कुछ पाया ही नहीं तो फिर खोने का डर क्या है ।

      खालीपन है तो अच्छा है,
      फिर मसरूफियत का इंतजार क्या है।

      किसी का भी दामन नहीं है हाथ में,
      फिर दामन छूटने का ख़ौफ़ क्या है।

      उम्र के इस दौर में मासूमियत से कौसों दूर है हम,
      फिर खुलती परत सी इस जिंदंगी में,
      किसी नाजुक से अहसास का मुंतज़िर, ये क्या है।

      कहीं खिलखिलाने की तमन्ना तो है,
      मगर फिर होठ सिल जाने का सबब क्या है।

      तआरुफ़ करें तो क्या करें,
      हर पल अनबन का अहसास साथ क्या है।

      कहीं कुछ खोया हुआ दिखा तो नहीं,
      फिर अनवरत सी यह तलाश क्या है।

      बचपन छूटा जवानी बिती,
      साहिल पे पहुँचते पहुँचते, यह मँझदार की तलाश क्या है।

      बेवजह बेफ़ाकता यह जिंदगी,
      फिर यह सबब-ए-तिश्नगी क्या है।

      कहते है चलते चलने का नाम है जिंदगी,
      लेकिन पहुंचने के लिए मुकाम क्या है।

  2. islahuddin ashraf said:


  3. Urdu hai jiska naam,humeen jaante hain Daa’gh,
    Saare Jahan dhoom humari zaban ki hai.

  4. Urdu also called Rekhta(means urdu)
    according to ghalib.

    Rekhta ke tumhin ustaad nahi ho Ghalib.
    Sunte hain agle zamaane mein koi Meer bhi tha.

    woh,yaar mera khushbu ki tarah.
    Hai jis ki zubaan Urdu ki tarah.

    • Rekhta did not specifically meant urdu. It was the name given to the prevalent language of North India, which was called “hindustani”. A colloquial language essentially a mix of modern day hindi and urdu.

  5. Just discovered this blog! Just the thing that I was looking for.

  6. Hi,
    Discovered this blog through the new program been introduced by Prithvi (Mehfil). I will definitely make a point to be there at Mehfil and learn from Gulzar Sahab,Javed Sahab and Salim Sahab.
    I wish to get involved in all possible ways to learn,volunteer and thereby propagate the beauty of the language and the essence of urdu-hindi poetries.
    I , my self try and write a bit and have a blog by nirajsworld.blogspot.com.
    Please call me on 9619246888 and let me know if I can be of any help in any events you do/arrange/manage etc.
    Regards. Niraj Pandey

    • Hi Niraj,
      Its great to hear from fellow Urduwallahs like you. Your blog is also very impressive. Hope to see you at Prithvi on the 14th. We will call you if we need any help in the planning – currently we’re just trying to inform as many people, especially the younger generation/college students, about Mehfil@Prithvi. Do spread the word. And hope to interact with you on the 14th. Thanks.
      – Urduwallahs

  7. Ayaz Kamil said:

    Aadab arz hai,

    Recently learnt about urduwallas and saw a couple of shers on zaban e urdu that reminded me of one more with a different angle :

    Hai bechari humari ye zaban e urdu,
    Apne hi ghar me jise baar hai apna hona.

    But i am hopeful that qadardan e urdu, urdu ki shama yuhi jalae rakhenge.

    • Aadab Ayaz,
      Agar aap jaise qadardan ho toh Urdu ki shama zaroor jalti rahegi!
      Do let us know who has written this thought-provoking line about the state of Urdu.
      Thanks – Urduwallahs

      • Ayaz Kamil said:

        It was a wonderful evening yesterday @ mehfil.Kudos to urduwallah team.

        “ghalib ke tazkare se mushkbar thi mehfil.
        Dil chahta tha zikr yuhi raat bhar chale”

        Ghalib khud satve aasman se muskrate hue ye kehne lage ke

        “Zikr mera, mujhse behtar hai, jo us mehfil me hai…..”

  8. Rifat andrabi said:

    no language can express human feelings better than urdu does.your attemp to promote the language is commendable.


  9. Dr.Farooque Rehman said:

    My pen name is Farooque Rehman, Dr.Farooque Rehman. I am Urdu/Hindi Teacher by proffesion. Specialist in Conversational and Survival Hindi/Urdu for Foreign Nationals, NRI’s, Actors, Singers etc…I am poet and lyricist also.

    Kaise bhuleinge tujhe tere bhulane wale…
    Mil hi jate hain teri yaad dilane wale………

    Today I shared photo and comments with Urduwallahs in Sunday Mid-day article of Rinky Kumar on Urdu language. I want to join all your Urdu events in future. Please keep me inform about it. Dr. Farooque Rehan

  10. nazim khan said:

    suna hai bole to baton se phul jhadte hai, yehi baat hai to chalo baat karke dhekhte hai!

  11. I have been Urdu ‘Jabaan ka Kaayal’ since many years, but lately the curiosity reached so high that I started learning it on my own and in just short time picked up reading and writing, according to my level I am in ‘Phanchvi Jamat !’ I read most of the famous Urdu poets and enjoy the human feelings woven around the couplets so thoughtfully. Hopefully I will be able to scatter some Aashaars myself soon and surprise myself ! I came to know about this blog from Sunday Mid-day and would like to be the part of the like minded Mahfil. Neeraj Chawla

  12. ‘jin shahron mein goonji thi Ghalib ki nava barson,

    un shahron mein aaj Urdu benaam-o-nishaan thehri’ Saahir.
    but with qadardaan like you,we can hope to see the resurgence of this beautiful language.
    chalo ke aaj sabhi paayemaal roohon se
    kahen ke apne har ek zakhm ko zabaan kar dein
    hamaara raaz hamaara nahin sabhi ka hai,
    chalo ke saare zamaane ko raazdaan kar dein

  13. Amrita Somaiya said:

    Hello, How do we get in touch with you to have an event at our bookstore in fort, mumbai? We are a bookstore that promotes Hindi, Urdu, Gujarati and other regional languages along with the English titles. Please send me your contact details. Thank you,

  14. My contact details are
    Neeraj Chawla
    +91 98202 36128

  15. Suhail Akhtar Warsi said:

    Urdu ka jaadu sar chadh kar bol raha hai, sahab. Urdu ki Mehfil sajaane par bahot bahot mubaarakbaad. Suhail Akhtar Warsi. contact. 9920940088

  16. Sharing this 24h online ghazal radio for urdu lovers..(re)discovered a lot many beautiful pieces here…

  17. I would like to share with ‘Muhammad Iqbal’s India’, a new blog site dedicated to my translations in English of some of Iqbal’s early poems on India, its culture and personalities.


    I shall keep adding newer translations there. Do visit.

  18. My forthcoming book of translations of Muhammad Iqbal’s ‘Shikwa & Jawaab-e-Shikwa’; called ‘Taking Issue & Allah’s Answer’ is now in the press.

    It should be in bookstores by May.
    Published by Penguin Modern Classics
    Here are the details of the book:


    • This is really good. I read about you all in HT. I would like to learn this beautiful language. Where do I begin? Abbas Kapadia

      • Hi Abbas – pls refer to our blog post titled Urdu Taleem. it provides details of the college where we learnt the language.
        We also have monthly mehfils at Prithvi theatre in Juhu – the next one is on 8th may – this is a space to bring like-minded, interested people to appreciate the beauty of Urdu, though we dont teach the language here. Do join us for the next one.

  19. Thanks very much. I will learn this sweet language that makes the poet and the person who sings the poetry both immortal! Imagine just a couplet encapsulates an entire philosophy. Keep up the good work. Thanks for your guidance. Abbas

  20. Siyah Hashiye-1948 (Black Borders)
    स्याह हाशिए/ सियाह हाशिए

    आपके लेटेस्ट पोस्ट में अंग्रेज़ी में जो स्पेलिंग लिखी है वो सही स्पेलिंग को गुमराह कर देगी.
    दरख्वास्त है कि उसे सुधार दें.


  21. Waseem Mustafa said:

    Finally I get something my nature always needed ! Hope this would quench my passion for Urdu ! Great work and excellent start Arwa and Priya Ma’am !
    Hope to be a part of this amazing journey !!! :)

  22. Dear Urduwallas,
    It was quite a delight to come across a blog that shared our interest in Urdu. We are a team of theatre practitioners in Karachi and have been presenting texts from Urdu literature in a dramatic form for a live audience. Do visit our blog for Zambeel Dramatic Readings http://zambeeldramaticreadings.wordpress.com/
    We hope to remain in touch and exchange thoughts. All best on your venture!

    • Dear Asma,
      Thanks for writing in and thanks for your kind words. We looked at your blog too and find it very interesting. It would be a great idea to see if we can collaborate on some interesting projects in the future. Keep us posted on your endeavors and we will add you to our mailing list so that you can in tune with what we are up to.

    • Hello Asma – it really is wonderful to meet like-minded enthusiasts. We went through your blog and the readings performed so far seem really fascinating. We would love to collaborate and exchange ideas towards a common goal and thought. Any plans of doing anything in India anytime soon? Do stay in touch – Urduwali Priya.

  23. Hi Priya,
    thank you for both your replies. Certainly, it would be great to remain in touch and keep each other updated about the work we do. I’m fascinated that you made the effort to learn Urdu. Thank you for appreciating our blog. You must teach me a thing or two about wordpress traffic / tagging/ categories…. it’s all quite jumbled on our blog :) No plans for India just yet, but we hope the day comes when we do visit! Aap sey baat kar ke bohat acha laga. Umeed hai issi tarah mulaqaat hoti rahey gi. Aadaab.

  24. Mr. Mahendra Hiralal Thakkar said:

    Adab to everybody,

    I am a senior citizen aged 70 yrs. Urdu has been my passion since my childhood. I had an opportunity to attend to live programme of Begum Akhtar. May be a piece of good luck for me; because after a week – she passed away.
    During my young age I had to concentrate on job-oriented studies to support my family. But now I can spend some time to fulfill my long pending desires. Of course, I am still working, but for 3 days in a week.
    Anyway, as regards learning of Urdu; I first passed Diploma exam conducted by National Council for Promotion of Urdu – Delhi, say before 6-7 years. And at present I am preparing for M.A. (Urdu) Final year exam, to be conducted by Maulana Azad National Urdu University-Hyderabad.
    Can I take part in your efforts for popularising this beautiful language ?? How and where to contact you ? Pl advise me. Thanks.

    • Aadab Sir – welcome to Urduwallahs. It truly is encouraging to see such enthusiasm towards Urdu. Pls do join us as we explore this beautiful language, with interesting poems and writings and we will try and publish them on the blog. Pls feel free to contact us anytime via email on urduwallahs@gmail.com.

  25. Aadab Sir,
    Let me congratulate you for you efforts and love of this beautiful language. We wish you all the very best in clearing you MA in Urdu with flying colour. May your tribe in crease!
    Abbas Kapadia

  26. Hello there! I could have sworn I’ve been to this web site before but after browsing through a few of the posts I realized it’s new to me. Regardless, I’m certainly delighted I stumbled upon it and I’ll be bookmarking it and checking back often!

  27. aadab, main sab urdudaan logo ke saath mil kar is mulk mein inquilab lana chahta hoon. ham sab ki apni zabaan urdu hai, hindi nahin, phir kyon ham ise schoolon meinpadh nahin sakte aur kyun sab log ise apni mother tongue declare nahi karte, is mulk ke log soye kyun hain. ….. urdu hai mera naam main khusro ki paheli, kyun mujhko banate ho tayassub ka nishana, maine to kabhi khud ko musslmaan nahin jana, dekha tha kabhi maine bhi khushiyon ka zamana, apne hi watan mein hoon magar aaj akeli…..plz join hands to promote urdu in our schools and daily life…..

  28. baja farmaya umesh saahab…mai bas ye kehna chaahunga ki zabaano ke beech na koi jhagda tha na rehna chaahiye..siyaasi daanv pecho se avaam door hee rahe toh khairiyat…beshaq roz ki bolchaal mein urdu utni hee shaamil hai jitni hindi. maadri zabaan ya mother tongue bhi ham kisi ek ko kaise declare kar sakte hain jabki hamare desh mein aneko bhaashaayein aur boliyaan hain. Bas mohabbat se jis zabaan ka istemaal karna ho karein..yahi kar lein toh kya kam hai!!!

  29. Saurabh Jain said:

    Today was my first day at Urduwallahs mehfil,I was hypnotized by the ambience, enraptured by the poetry and really impressed by the effort urduwallahs have taken.
    Great work,loved it totally and looking forward to the next session!!!

  30. Woh kare baat toh har lafz se khushboo aaye, Aisi boli wohi bole jise Urdu aaye.

    these lines says it all. Glad I reached this page!! wo kehte hain na.. Der aaye.. Durust aaye :-)

  31. urduwallis let me know if I can meet you today 4 dec or 5 dec at the prithvi theatre for an interview for the lucknow tribune?

  32. Vishal Khatri said:

    हरेक आवाज़ उर्दु को फ़रियादी बताती है
    ये पगली फ़िर भी अब तक ख़ुद को शहज़ादी बताती है|

    Nice blog! I would like to get involved too and have dropped a mail. :)

  33. Chandranshu Mehta said:

    Urdu sometimes called ‘Zaban-e-urdu-e-mo’llah’…

    Awesome Language…

  34. Usman Maniar said:

    Aadab, Came across Urduwallahs on a friend’s recommendation and found it fascinating and mind-boggling. This courageous mission of Ms Priya and Ms Arwa will surely go a long way to enliven and introduce this sweet language to all corners of the planet. Would love to attend one of your monthly get-together, but don’t know where and when? Wish you both the highest pinnacle of success in your endeavour.

  35. Preeti ramani said:

    It was a captivating evening at Neel yesterday. Thank you for sharing it with us. I would like to learn Urdu, may not be a diploma, but certainly be able to read and understand some literary works. Can you give me the name and contact of a teacher who could guide me. Arva, you did mention yesterday, that the details of your teacher are on the site, but, I couldn’t find it.

    Would also love to participate in mehfil at Prithvi. Do keep me informed.

  36. Rajat Madhok said:

    Can I subscribe to the website ?

    • Hi Rajat – yes you can subscribe to the blog by registering on the page. There is a tab that says Register or Subscribe. Do let us know if you face any trouble. Thanks.

  37. Hi, any way to get in contact with you? Have a question about modern Urdu poets :) Thanks!

  38. Iqbal jalalpuri said:


    came across this site by accident (was googling Guftagu which is a lovely word) ! thrilled to know about this – it is a pity that a beautuful language has become hostage to politics. The beauty of Urdu is that even an abuse in this language sounds sweet!!

  39. Akshay Seth said:

    Just discovered, Urdu’s future in India is indeed in safe hands. Future of the India I love ( multi-lingual, pluralistic ) is safe.
    سارے جہاں سے اچھا ہندوستاں ہمارا
    ہم بلبلے ہیں اس کے، یہ گلستاں ہمارا

    Saare Jahaan se accha, Hindustan Hamara !!

  40. Stupendous effort Urduwallahs, this was much needed especially in our Mumbai city (Sadly this Delhiwallas are ahead of us when it comes to Urdu). I’ll be more than eager to support in this cause, count me in.

  41. Mahendra Hiralal Thakkar said:

    Hello everybody !

    I am a senior citizen aged 72 years. Last year I passed M.A. in Urdu, thro’ Maulana Azad University of Hyderabad. Now I want to persue Ph. D. course, but I am not getting any help/ guidence. I want to meet some friends at Urduwallah.Can you pl let me know whom to meet and where ? I shall be obliged.

    m h thakkar

    Moblie : 9833573678

    • Hello – please do attend our monthly mehfils held at Prithvi theatre, Juhu, on every second Tuesday of the month. You can meet others like you, interested in the language and culture of Urdu. The next mehfil is on December 10th. Thanks.

  42. Love this site. amazing. cheers

  43. Hi ! I’m Aqram from Bangalore, a native of chennai. I would like to learn urdu but since I don’t know hindi too its quite difficult. Can refer any sources in bangalore who can teach spoken urdu basically? Not Hindi, i need pure urdu. Kindly help

    • Hi Aqram,

      Thanks for writing in. Unfortunately, We are not fimilar with anyone who teaches Urdu in bangalore but we can definitely help you with some leads. Check our blog post https://urduwallahs.wordpress.com/2011/12/10/urdu-taaleem/. There is a number of a school where we learned Urdu in mumbai. This course is affiliated to Delhi University. If you call the number and speak to Feroz Sir, he will be able to guide you.

      Also in case you discover an Urdu class in Bangalore, please share it with us so that we can put it on our blog for future reference. Thanks

  44. plz add follow button at side of your widget so i can get ur post on email address thanks :)

  45. Ye hee athkhelian shair o sukhan mein rooh bhartee hain,
    Agar Urdu nikal jaae to sab bejaan ho jaaein,,

  46. Came across the blog while searching for an interpretation of a couplet by Ghalib. And really liked what I saw. Thanks .

  47. Adaab!

    At the outset, let me congratulate you for your passion and love for Urdu, our beautiful living treasure. I am a stage & screen actor based in Mumbai and have only recently begun to become aware of the nuances of this mellifluous language. It is encouraging to see people who are walking the path of keeping the beauty of the world of words & sounds alive.

    Will you be attending the Mehfil@Prithvi on the 11th March?

    Hope to meet you!

  48. Hopefully this blog somehow will help in the transition of URDU language to non the people who don’t know Urdu. Great work guys. I am with u. Lets keep the passion of this beautiful language burning in our hearts.

  49. Hopefully Urduwallahs will help in the transition of URDU language to the people who don’t know the langauge. Great job guys. I am with u. Lets keep the passion of Urdu language burning in our hearts.

  50. Hi
    Would like to join and share a little I
    Know of Urdu poetry but to rather learn more !

  51. Hi . the evening on Shahyar was fab. Couldn’t attend the shortstoryexercise .What is there next month ? Lovers of Begum Akhtar wish to celebrate the birth centenary of Begum Akhtar -is in October this year .Would like a play on her .,Can Mr Javed Siddiqi or Salim Aref consider .How to contact them ?

  52. janthu said:

    Great blog!!

    I enjoy your work quite a lot.
    However, since Hindi and/or Urdu is not my mother tongue I sometimes face difficulty to perform the correct pronunciation.
    Could you please provide audio files and/or the writing in Hindi and Urdu as well?

    Wish you all the best :)

  53. Shailesh Mishra said:

    Hi, I accidentally came across this blog while googling for the meaning of the lyrics in the song “Dikhayee diye…” in the movie Bazaar. And I found a treasure trove. I have subscribed to this blog 6 months ago and been constantly enjoying your posts which enlighten me on Urdu. I want to say thank you to both of you for all the good works you have been doing. Keep it up!!!

  54. shitiz chaudhary said:

    Is the short story ” dilli ki sair” available online? kindly pass on some links.


  55. Hello:
    Hyderabadi Association of New York, with over 400 member of Hyderabadi origin, is among the fastest growing non profit in North America. Most of our members are urdu loving people.

    We admire your efforts and deeply interested in promoting your work in North America.

    Please email me your contact number hcaofgny@gmail.com and we can have a brif talk at a time convenient to you. meanwhile, please allow me to use some of your articles in our news letter.

    Quddus Mohammed
    New York

  56. As Salaam Walaikum…ummeed hai aap sab khairiyat se hain. Mera shayariyon mein aur urdu zubaan mein bohot.rujhaav hai. Maine urdu-hindi dono ko milakar kuch shayariyan likhi hain jinhein mein sudhaarna chahti hoon taaki unko ek qitaab mein tabdeel kar sakoon. Prithvi theatre ki website ke zariye yahan ka pata mila aur jana ki aap urdu ki yaksaaniyat mein yakeen rakhte hain, toh mujhe khayal aaya ki main aapse apni shayariyon par guft-a-gu ki karne ki guzaarish karoon aur urdu zubaan ki maahrati ke zariyon ki jaankari loon. Aapki haazir jawaabi dil-o-jaan se.nawaazi jaayegi. Shukriya. Allah Hafiz.

    • Adaab Salma,

      Prithvi mein humari mehfil iss mangalwar ko hai (10.06.14), aap wahan tashreef laiye, Wahi bethkar hum guft-a-gu kar sakte hai.Shukriya.

  57. hi. ia it poaaible to host some events at ncpa or this side of town too? u r doing a fabulous thing.

    • Thanks Apurva. We have organized events in town as well in the past, at Kala Ghoda Fest and at YB Chavan Auditorium. We are always open to exploring collaborations to share our love of Urdu. However on a monthly basis we currently hold Urdu mehfils only at Prithvi theatre Juhu. Do join us there :)

  58. great many thanks young ladies for this initiative, really feel indebted to you. We have great regard for Hindi but Urdu is special, so sad that it got step-motherly treatment in this country……..

  59. Arwa & Priya,,

    You guys are doing such a great work that I am really short of words. Pls keep up the good work. In fact i myself have been writing some nazms and was looking for a blog and i discovered Urduwallahs….It was such a pleasure.

    Kudos and all the best



  60. bhakti vyawahare said:

    U people are amazing….

  61. Is there someone who can teach urdu in Chennai?

  62. Would Gulzar saheb himself be coming for the Mehfil tomorrow? That would be so awesome.

  63. An excellent blog and an impressive effort to follow your passion. I would be interested in creating awareness of the Urdu language amongst the younger generation living in London and back home in Lucknow.

    I look forward to ideas and inspirations from your stupendous efforts. Also, if you ever think of hosting events either in London or Lucknow, then do not hesitate in getting in touch. I would be thrilled in being part of something that I too am passionate about.


  64. are there any Edward de bono books translated in urdu

  65. Great blog.. enjoyed visiting.. thanks

  66. Mohammad Akram said:

    I studied urdu till class 7th only… I also love urdu poetry… even i write though not very often…
    I love this Humsafar song…
    I didnt know he wrote it during the partition of Pakistan and Bangladesh… Thanks for the information… All the best..

  67. I love this blog…I have just seen it by searching ghalib’s gazal bazeecha -e -atfal..
    Excellent work by both of you…I have some requests for you.
    1)I could not find follow button ..is it a comment button u r talking about?so I can get ur regular updates.
    2)where can I get Urdu learning in Ahmedabad ?
    3)some of the ghalib s gazals are in Persian ..
    Should I learn persian too? Any textbooks or authors from which at least I can start my learning of primary basis.
    4)let me know other websites or network or unions which are working for Urdu.

    Sincerely .
    Thanking you.

  68. Hi …I’m Urdu learner.can u recommend the easy learning textbooks for learning Urdu language in writing,speaking,and reading.
    I m finding this since long time but couldn’t learn effectively.please help me.

  69. Mohammad Akram said:

    I want to receive notification whenever you post something new. How to do that?

  70. Mohammad Akram said:

    I want to receive your every new post. How can i get myself notified whenever you post something new?

  71. hiteshpareek01 said:

    I really like the line by line translations in this blog. I have a request. Could you please translate a song from the movie “Mirza Ghalib” (1954) ? The Song is “Nukta Cheen hai gham-e-dil” written by Ghalib. I’ll be grateful for this favor.

  72. hello,

    I want to be part of this blog.

  73. Kamal K Rajput said:

    I have desiring to share my Gazals in Urduwallahs column. How do I do that?

  74. Captivating discussions. Urdu. The the language of love, philosophy, humor.

  75. sharika kaul said:

    absolutely fabulous initiative..please sent updates on all your events…

  76. Found it interesting & con temporarily decipherable. I laud the great effort & wish the best for your endeavors. Would feel obliged to be associated.

  77. Jidnyasa said:

    Hello! I can’t tell you how pleased I am to have stumbled upon this beautiful blog! First of all many thanks and kudos to both of you for maintaining such an awesome blog! I have recently developed a love for Urdu after watching many Pakistani dramas! I want to learn Urdu (to read, write and speak). Is there a good book that you would recommend to start learning the Alif Be?Is there any correspondence course in India to learn Urdu? I would like to join it very much.
    Thanks again!

  78. Just wanted to comment here and let you know this blog is wonderful. It’s been my homepage for a while now, so I do hope you keep updating it for whiles to come!

  79. Jahangir Iqbal Yar Khan said:

    Dear Urduwallahs,
    I am pleased to connect with you through this blog. I am nephew of (late) Jb. Saghar Nizami sahab the renowned urdu poet. Saghar Sb. was given the Padma Bhushan award and later the Ghalib Award.

    Some of his works are : Subuhi (1934), Badah e mashriq (1934), Kahkashaan (1934), Rangmahal (1943), Mauj e saahil (1949) and Nehrunama (1967). His collected works, Kuliat e Saghar Nizami, were published in three volumes by Modern Publishing House, Delhi between 1999 and 2001.

    Janab Saghar Sb. is buried in Nizamuddin, New Delhi, next to the Ghalib Sahab, this was done on the insistence of the family members of Jb. Fakhruddin Ahmed sb, the late President of India.
    More information on him is available on this link of Wikipedia : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saghar_Nizami

    I am also the grandson of (Late) Professor Qamar Rais Sahab, Head of Urdu department Delhi University.

    I would like to connect with you / Group.
    Jahangir Iqbal Yar Khan

    • Jahangir Iqbal Yar Khan said:

      Saghar Sahab’s ghazals were sung by the legendary child prodigy Master Madan, which used to play each morning on All India Radio in the sixties and seventies.
      please click on the link : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kc6KKzbgdjc

    • Aadab Jahangir Saab – thank you for your message. It is a privilege to connect with you too. We hold Urdu mehfils at Prithvi Theatre in Mumbai on every second Tuesday of the month – our next mehfil is on May 12th and we will discuss the works of Krishan Chander. Pl do join us there.
      Thanks – Urduwallahs

      • Jahangir Iqbal Yar Khan said:

        Jee, Adaab,
        Thank you for the invite. i shall try and make it this time. Is there a way I can know the names of the members of this society/ forum, this is just to know if there are known names and faces i can connect with.

  80. I was always interested in learning Urdu but found it so difficult to learn thru convention way.But I found that reading Urdu is such an easy thing,I can hardly believe my luck.Though writing and reading a hand written script is still a far cry.I am looking for forum to share my experienceand invite people to learn it the way I did,within weeks.
    The clue to my success was learning Urdu,Hindi Way.We already know many words,verbs,adjectives etc.For difficult words,Urduwallah or any risala or BBC Urdu or Tribune express page is good help.
    You learn 26 alphabets for english.
    It may not be over 15 or16 to start reading Urdu!

  81. sandeep said:

    excellent work !! keep it up….

  82. I notice the use of the word ‘aadaab’ as a greeting being used a lot, both in Indian and Pak circles. I would like to suggest the alternative ‘tasleem’ to be used as well and certainly not forgotten. Everyone is not from Lucknow!
    Confession: I use ‘aadaab’ because it was drummed into me as a child.

  83. Anukriti said:

    Just found you guys! Absolutely loved the idea. Where do you meet and how can I participate?

    • Hi Anukriti – Aadab and welcome to the Urduwallahs! You can participate by registering on the blog for regular updates. If you are based in Mumbai you can join us for our monthly mehfils at Prithvi Theatre in Juhu – every second Tuesday of the month (we post info on the blog). You can also contribute to the Urduwallahs blog with any interesting Urdu poem / story / musing that you may come across which mesmerizes you (coz that’s what Urdu does!! :) and we could include it on the blog. Cheers!

  84. Adnan Ali said:

    Not sure if this is the right place to ask, but Is the event on Tuesday open to all or are there any tickets?

  85. Jahangir Iqbal Yar Khan said:

    when is your next mehfil ?

  86. Tabassum Beg said:

    Hi I have you guys on my favourite list as I am also passionate about Urdu literature and I feel that this language is in dire need of revival. I am the grand daughter of the great Playwriter and author Mirza Farhatullah Beg 1883-1948. Among his numerous literary works are Delhi ka ek Yadgaar Mushaira or aka Delhi ki Akhri Shama and Dr Nazeer Ahmad ki Kahani.
    His plays were performed by Shaukat Azmi and Shabana Azmi in Delhi and Bombay in prestigious Prithvi Theatre.
    His family here in North America has formed an academy by his name and was successful in translating all 8 volumes of his great work into English. There have been book launch in Hyderabad and in Chicago and we are thinking of book launch in Toronto sometime this year. Is there anyway you can help us do this successfully

  87. Please also include poetry of Jaun Elia..

  88. Vanita Chaudhary Shah said:

    Love for the language made me reach you. Just the feel of it is exhilarating .. Would love to understand it better.

  89. This seems right

  90. Admirable effort, Urduwallas!

  91. I’m looking for a beginner class in urdu in malad west, preferably malvani. Does anyone know any classes or teachers? Will greatly appreciate your suggestions/help.

  92. Sridhar said:

    Urdu is a beautiful language.
    I am a Tamilian who grew up in Delhi.
    I have some knowledge of Urdu picked up from watching Bollywood movies, Pakistani TV programs.
    I want to learn the script but i find it extremely hard.
    Can somebody suggest an easy way to learn this language given the fact that I can read and write Hindi?

  93. parvez memon said:

    God Bless you Priya & Arwa, I am a Muslim , my parents were Urdu speaking , but i dont know why they have not pushed me to learn this beautiful language. I feel sad & very disappointed when I see people read & understand Urdu Shayri & Ghazals. Which was in my blood has been taken away by modern schooling & colonial oppression. Living in despair :(

  94. sajad sabiri said:

    So what if my pen has been snatched away from me, I have dipped my fingers in the blood of my heart. So what if my mouth has been sealed, I have turned every link of my chain a speaking tongue,

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