Taskiin is the Urdu lafz for comfort or soothing, calming, peace of mind.

Here is a wonderful ghazal from Ghalib’s inimitable treasure of poetry, that uses the lafz taskiin:

taskiin ko hum na roye jo zauq-e-nazar mile
huraaN-e-khuld mein teri soorat magar mile

I don’t crave for calmness, if my eyes can have the joy of meeting your eyes
In the heavenly paradise,

apni gali mein mujh ko na kar dafn baad-e-qatl
mere pate se Khalq ko kyon tera ghar mile

Don’t bury me in your street, after you kill me
Why should the world get to your house, when they search for my address

saaqi gari ki sharm karo aaj varnaa ham
har shab piyaa hi karte hain mai jis qadar mile

Let’s make it an evening of bartending and selling wine
Or else, every night we drink liquor, however we may obtain it

tujh se to kuchh kalaam nahiin lekin ae nadiim
mera salaam kahiiyo agar naamaabar mile

There is no letter or message from you, O dear friend,
Give my greetings to the messenger, if you meet him

tum ko bhi hum dikhaaye ke Majnu ne kyaa kiyaa
fursat kashaakash-e-gham-e-pinhaan se gar mile

Let’s show you as well, the doings of Majnun
If I get freed from this struggle of hiding my grief

laazim nahin ke Khijr kii ham pairavii kare
maanaa ke ek buzurg hamein hum safar mile

I am not obligated to follow the example of Khwaaja Khizr
Even if I agree to the companionship of a respectable elder

Khwaaja Khizr is the name of a prophet skilled in divination, and who, it is said, discovered and drank of the fountain of life; he is considered to be the Saint of Waters.

ae saakin aan-e-koocha-e-dil_daar dekhna
tum ko kahin jo Ghalib-e-aashufta sar mile

O resident, show him the way to the street of my heart
If you find Ghalib somwhere in a distressed state of mind

Here is a wonderful rendition of the ghazal in Rahat Fateh Ali Khan’s outstanding voice: