Here’s a wonderful ghazal by Urdu poet Nida Fazli, sung to a beautiful melody by Jagjit Singh. Enjoy! :

1597840_b_2559Badla na apne aapko jo the wahi rahe,
Milte rahe sabi say magar ajnabi rahe

I didn’t change myself, remained as I was before,
I kept meeting people, yet stayed a stranger to all

Duniya na jeet pao to haaro na khud ko tum,
Thodi bahut to zehen mein naarazgi rahe

If you cannot win over the world, still don’t lose yourself yet,
A little bit anger (being upset) should remain within everyone

Apni tarah sabi ko kisi ki talaash thi,
Hum jiske bhi qareeb rahe door hi rahejagjit%20singh

Just like me, everyone was in search of somebody,
Even if I got close to someone, I still maintained a distance

Guzro jo baagh se toh, dua maangte chalo,
Jis mein khile hain phool woh daali hari rahe

When you stroll through a garden, do say a prayer that,
Those branches that hold the flowers, they should remain green and blossom

Link to the ghazal: