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Zer means under/weak/defeated

Zer is also a vowel in urdu which is used below letters to indicate the sound of i.

Usually it is used in conjunction with other words, examples are given below:

zer-e-lab– in a whisper/under ones lip


zer-e-aab– under water/submerged


Given below is a beautiful Couplet by poet Majaz which uses the word zer-e-lab.

Phir chalili hai rel isteshan se laharaati hui,

neemshab khaamoshi mein zer-e-lab gaati hui

meanings : isteshan- station, neemshab- midnight, zer-e-lab-wishpering

Zer-e-lab is also the title of a book which is a collection of letters written by Safiya Akhtar to her husband poet Jan Nisar Akhtar.