Daagh Dehlvi (takhallus for Nawab Mirza Khan), whose forte’ was the ghazal, had started reciting poetry at the age of ten. His poetry does not wallow in despair. The tone of his poems is rather exuberant. He was a self-acknowledged romantic but contrary to the impression one gets from his poetry, he eschewed wine. Usage of common words and phrases and thus simplicity was distinctive of his style. His work comprises four volumes consisting of 16,000 coouplets.

Here is a beautiful ghazal penned by Daagh:

Gazab kiyaa, tere vaade pe aitabaar kiyaa
Tamaam raat qayaamat kaa intezaar kiyaa

Such an error it was to trust your promises
Through the night I waited, for this tragedy

Hansa hansaa ke shab-e-vasl ashk-baar kiyaa
Tasaliyaan mujhe de-de ke beqaraar kiyaa

With all the laughter, you filled our night of union with tears
After falsely comforting and consoling me, you left me restless

Ham aise mahv-e-nazaaraa na the jo hosh aataa
Magar tumhaare taghaful ne hoshiyaar kiyaa

I was so immersed in your love, I was unaware of any deceit
But it was your indifference that made me aware of your deception

Fasaana-e-shab-e-Gam un ko ek kahaanii thhii
Kuchh aitabaar kiyaa aur kuchh naa-aitabaar kiyaa

My tale of sadness from that night was but a story for you
As if it was fiction, you believed in some and disbelieved in others

Ye kisne jalvaa hamaare sar-e-mazaar kiyaa
Ki dil se shor uThaa, haa_e! beqaraar kiyaa

Who is this who has graced the head of my tomb with their presence
My heart has cried out, even in my grave you have made me restless

Tadap phir ai dil-e-naadaan, ki Gair kahate hain
Aakhir kuchh na banii, sabr ikhtiyaar kiyaa

The world is asking me again, to feel the pain, dear innocent heart of mine
When nothing else worked, I embraced the path of patience

Bhulaa bhulaa ke jataayaa hai unko raaz-e-nihaan
Chhipaa chhipaa ke mohabbat ko aashakaar kiyaa

In trying to forget, I have exposed the secrets buried deep in my heart
After ages of hiding I have finally revealed my love for you

Tumhen to vaadaa-e-deedaar ham se karna thaa
Ye kyaa kiyaa ke jahaan ko ummiidavaar kiyaa

I thought you wanted to meet only me, when I made a promise to make an appearance
What is this you have done…now the whole world expects to see me

Ye dil ko taab kahaan hai ke ho maalandesh
Unhone vaadaa kiyaa ham ne aitabaar kiyaa

Where does this heart have the strength to doubt you or think of outcomes
You promised and I believed you

Na puuchh dil kii haqiiqat magar ye kehte hain
Vo beqaraar rahe jisane beqaraar kiyaa

Do not ask the reality of this heart, but they say
The one who made you restless, will remain troubled themselves

Kuchh aage daavar-e-mahashar se hai ummeed mujhe
Kuchh aap ne mere kehne kaa aitabaar kiyaa

As we move on, the only expectations I have is from God
But you did believe what I had to say.

Here is the ghazal in Mehdi Hassan’s mellifluous voice: