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Readings in The Shed is born out of love for the written word and the impact it carries across ages, cultures, borders. It is an initiative where book lovers perform texts from around the globe.

Their next reading is a performance of four short stories from the book ‘Neither Night Nor Day’ edited  by Rakshanda Jalil and published by Harper Collins in 2010. Written by women writers from Pakistan, each story represents a unique voice which have often been subdued or gone unheard.

The reading will be performed by Yuki Ellias (Meta award winner – Best actor) and Akshat Nigam (winner of the Hindu playwright award 2017).

Details of the performance are given below:

Date: 03.06.2018

Time: 5pm to 7pm

Place: Si Bambai, Kala Ghoda, Fort,  Mumbai- 400001