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Aanchal- Fringe or Corner of a dupatta worn by a woman.

Sardar Jafri makes a reference to this word in his poem Mera Safar. Given below is an excerpt from the poem

mein rang-e-hena, aahang-e-ghazal
andaaz-e-sukhan ban jaaooNga
rukhsaar-e-aroos-e-nau ki tarah 
har aanchal sey chhan jaaonga
I will take on the hue of henna,
the harmony of a ghazal.
And like a young bride’s virgin cheek,
I’ll glow through the fringe of her veil/dupatta
jaarhon ki hawaaein daaman mein
jab fasal-e-khazaan ko laayengi 
rahroo key jawaan qadmon key taley
sookhey huey patton sey merey 
hansney ki sadaayein aayengi
When chilly winds bring on their tails
the season of desolation,
under the traveler’s young feet
my laughter will resound in the dry leaves.
The entire poem and its translations can be found here- https://urduwallahs.wordpress.com/2012/10/03/mera-safar-my-journey/