Tapish means heat, warmth. It is originally a Hindi word and has been adopted into some Urdu couplets and poetry as well (Urdu is said to be a mix of many languages including Hindi, Sanksrit, Persian, Arabic, Turkish, Khari Boli and many others).

Here is a sher by Khalid Yusuf

Use ḳhabar hai ki anjam-e-vasl kya hoga

Woh qurbaton ki tapish faasle mein rakhti hai

She knows the eventuality of their meeting,

She keeps the warmth of their closeness, when they are apart


Here is also a line from the song “Main Faraar Sa” from the Hindi film Running Shaadi, released in Feb 2017 that uses the word ‘tapish’ –

dhaage bina siloonga main, peechhe khada miloonga main, sardi lage tujhe to main meri tapish tujhe odha doonga

I will get woven (attached) without any threads, You will find me standing right behind you,  If you feel the cold, I will throw my blanket of wamth over you