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Takmeel means to bring to fulfilment or maturity, to complete something.

Here is a couplet by Ali Sardar Jafri with the lafz-

Jazba-e-shauq ki takmeel nahin ho sakti
Zindagi maut hai ehsaas-e-masarrat ke baghair

There can be no end / completion to the emotion of love
Life is but death, without this feeling of happiness

And here is a part of the nazm “Yeh baatein jhooti baatein hai”, written by Urdu poet Ibn-Insha that uses this lafz. The entire poem can be accessed here – https://urduwallahs.wordpress.com/2016/08/26/yeh-baatein-jhooti-baatein-hai/

Jo hum se kaho hum karte hain, kya Insha ko samjhana hai
Us ladki se bhi kehlenge, go ab kuchh aur zamana hai
Ya chhodein ya takmeel karein, ye ishq hai ya afsana hai
Ye kaisa gorakh dhanda hai, ye kaisa tana-bana hai
Ye baatein jhooti baatein hain, ye logon ne phailayi hain
Tum Inshaji ka naam na lo, Kya Inshaji saudai hain
Ye baatein jhooti baatein hain, ye logon ne phailayi hain
Ye baatein, ye baatein..

What is to be done, will be done, what is the need to explain to Insha
That girl will also be told, times are different now
Should we let it go or bring it to completion, is this love or some fictional tale
What kind of deceptive business is this, or some entangled maze
These tales, these are false tales, rumours that have been spread by people
These tales…

Here is the link to the song in Ghulam Ali’s voice –