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kaif-bhopaliKaif Bhopali was an Indian Urdu poet and lyricist. He was a well-known poet in the Urdu mushaira circles, he is most known as the writer of songs like Chalo Dildar Chalo sung by Mohd. Rafi, in Kamal Amrohi’s 1972 classic, Pakeezah. He also wrote some popular ghazals like Jhoom ke jab rindon ne pila de made popular by Jagjit Singh. One of his popular couplet is Kaun aayega yehan, koyi na aaya hoga also sung by Jagjit Singh.  Also famous was the song Aye Khuda Shukr Tera in the 1982 Kamal Amrohi’s film Razia Sultan. Kaif Bhopali’s daughter Parveen Kaif is also a noted poet who participates in mushairas.

Here is one of his popular poems sung by Jagjit Singh:

Tera chehra kitana suhaana lagta hai
Tere aage chaand puraana lagta hai

Your face appears so pleasing to me
In front of you, even the Moon seems to have aged

Tirchhe tirchhe teer nazar ke lagte hain
Sidha sidha dil pe nishaana lagta hai

Your eyes are shooting arrows of glances, sideways
But they are directly hitting the target of my heart

Aag ka kya hai, pal do pal men lagtii hai
Bujhte bujhte ek zamaana lagta hai

Fire, it takes only a few minutes to light up and spread
Dousing the fire can take an entire lifetime sometimes

Sunne waale ghanton sunte rehte hai
Mera fasana sabka fasana lagta hai

The listeners sit and listen for hours on end
My story seems to be everyone’s story here

‘Kaif’ bata kya teri ghazal mein jaadu hai
Bachcha bachcha tera diwana lagta hai

Kaif (name of the poet), is there magic in your ghazals?
Every little child seems to be a fan of yours

Link to the ghazal as sung by Jagjit Singh –