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Din DuniaA wonderful article that appeared recently in the Mint newspaper, about ‘Din Dunia’, an old Urdu monthly in Old Delhi, that recently did away with its ageing printing machines but not its never-say-die spirit. Here is an excerpt from the article and the link to the article is below:

Fehmi inherited the magazine from his father, Mufti Shaukat Ali, who had founded it in 1921 as a weekly tabloid on society, politics, and films. The publication was temporarily suspended during the years following the Partition, after which the magazine was restarted with a single-minded focus on Islam. Owing to his father’s ill health, a young Fehmi took over Din Dunia in 1987, right after graduating in law from Delhi University. Those were the golden days for the magazine. There used to be 15,000 subscribers at that time. The number has trickled down to 4,000 today.

With printing machines gone, Fehmi’s 12-member establishment has been reduced to Fehmi alone. The magazine’s future is uncertain. His only child, a daughter, who teaches nursery students at a school in Noida, cannot read Urdu.

At the moment, hopefully, Din Dunia, will continue to come out every month with its regular edition of 64 pages. It is one of the few Urdu magazines that still survive in the labyrinthine alleys of Old Delhi. The other notables include the Sufism monthly Astana Tasawwuf, the women’s monthly Khatoon-e-Mashriq, and Jaam-e-Noor, which devotes itself to Islam.

Link to the article in Mint: Din Dunia: Article in Mint