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akbar-allahabadi1“Hungama Hai Kyon Barpa” is a popular ghazal, especially in the renditions, sung by Ghulam Ali.It is written by the Urdu poet, Akbar Allahabadi. The ghazal was for the first time used in a Pakistani film Aap Ka Khadim which was directed by Wazir Ali, Music was composed by Khalil Ahmed and sung by Mehdi Hassan (though the lyrics were credited to Tasleem Fazli as he penned the lyrics of that film). Later Ghulam Ali adopted it with same basic music composition and made it popular. (Source: wikipedia)
Below are some couplets from the ghazal with a loose English translation.

Hungama hai kyon bar pa, Thodi si jo pee lee haighulam Ali
Daaka toh nahi daala, Chori toh nahi ki hai

Why is there such a noise (hue and cry), I have only had some alcohol
No one has been robbed, Nor have I committed any theft.

Us mai se nahin matlab, Dil jis se ho begaana
Maqsood hain us mai se, Dil hee main jo khinchti hai

I am not interested in the wine, that the heart is alienated from
My intent is with that wine, that tugs at the heart

Na tajraba-kaari se, vaaiz ki yeh hai baatein
iss rang ko kya jaaney, poochon toh kabhi pee hain

The preacher words are spoken out of inexperience
How will he know the effects of it, someone who has never really tasted wine

Sooraj mein lage dhabba, fitrat ke karishme hai
Butt hamko kahe qaafir, Allah ke marzi hai

Even the Sun is eclipsed sometimes, it is the wonder of nature
The stone idol of God is calling me an infidel, it is God’s will

Har zarra chamakta hai, Anwar-e-Elaahi se
Har saans yeh kehti hai, hum hai toh Khuda bhi hai

Every little particle shines, with the radiance of God
Every breath is an affirmation, that if I exist, God does too

Here is the link to this wonderful ghazal in Ghulam Ali’s voice: