Daffatan is the Urdu lafz that means to happen ‘suddenly or swiftly, even unexpectedly’ (achaanak in Hindi)

Used wonderfully in this couplet (below) from the popular Ghulam Ali ghazal – Chupke Chupke, written by Hasrat Mohani. The entire ghazal can be accessed here: https://urduwallahs.wordpress.com/2012/08/22/hasrat-mohani-chupke-chupke-raat-din/

ghulam AliKheinch lena woh mera parde ka kona dafatan,
Aur dupatte se tera, woh munh chhupana yaad hai.

I remember how I twitched the corner of your cloak, suddenly,
And you hiding your face behind the veil, I do remember


The entire ghazal can be viewed and listened to here, in Ghulam Ali’s voice: