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Bashinda is an Urdu lafz that refers to someone who lives (somewhere), a resident of some place.

Jagjit_SinghThe lafz has been used in this beautiful ghazal below, penned by Javed Akhtar and made legendary by everyone’s favorite voice, Jagjit Singh, in the movie “Saath Saath”.

pyar mujh se jo kiyaa tumne to kya paaogi
mere haalaat ki aandhi mein bikhar jaaogi

ranj aur dard ki basti ka main baashinda hoon
yeh to bas main hoon ke is haal mein bhi zinda hoon
khwaab kyoon dekhoon wo kal jispe main sharminda hoon
main jo sharminda hoon to aur tum bhi sharmaaogi

kyoon mere saath koi aur pareshaan rahesaath saath
meri duniya hai jo veeraan to veeraan rahe
zindagi ka ye safar tum pe to aasaan rahe
humsafar mujhko banaaogi to pachtaaogi

ek main kya abhi aayenge diwaane kitne
abhi goonjenge mohabbat ke taraane kitne
zindagi tumko sunaaegi fasaane kitne
kyoon samajhti ho mujhe bhool nahi paaogi
pyar mujh se jo kiyaa tumne to kya paaogi
mere haalaat ki aandhi mein bikhar jaaogi

What will you get, by loving me
You will just get displaced by the storm of my conditions

I am a resident of the city of grief and pain
It is only I, who has managed to be alive in this state
Why should I see such dreams that I would be ashamed of tomorrow?
If I will live in shame, you will be shamed too

Why should anyone else be troubled by being with me?
For my world is deserted, and it should remain that way
This journey of life, it should be easy atleast for you
If you make me your partner in the journey of life, you will regret it

Who am I, there will be many love-struck men who will come your way
There will be many more echoes of love songs (in your life)
Life will make your hear many more stories
Why do you think, you will not be able to forget me?

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