The lafz musallat is of Turkish origin and means subdued or conquered

ShahryarHere is a couplet from a ghazal, “hamari aankh mein naqsha ye kis makaan ka hai”, by Shahryar, who is most famously known for penning the songs for the movie Umrao Jaan and Gaman:

Tamam sheher par khamoshiyaan musallat hai
Labon ko kholo ki ye waqt imtihaan ka hai

The entire city has been enveloped / take over by silence
Open your lips (speak your mind), this is a testing time

The entire ghazal by Shahryar, along with an English translation, is available on the Urduwallahs blog.

Here is another couplet by Haris Bilal with the lafz ‘musallat’ (source: rekhta.org) :

Vo darmiyaan se nikla to yeh khula mujh par
Ki ho gayi hai musallat kai khuda mujh par

When she passed by me, I came to realize
As if many Gods had been conquered by me

musallatMusallat is also the name of a Turkish film in the horror / thriller genre (here, musallat is translated as Haunted, another interpretation of conquered or subdued) that released in 2007 – the story of a young couple, Suat and Nurcan whose calm life is haunted by mysterious forces when they begin to encounter supernatural creatures.