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Raqs means dance

given below is a couplet which explains the word beautifully

garmi-e-shama ka afsana sunaanewaalo
raqs dekhaa nahin tum ne abhi parwane kaa
Iqbal Sufipuri


Garmi – heat

shama – light, flame, candle

afsana -story, tale

raqs – dance

parwane – moth


Raqs is also the name of a Media Collective  based in New Delhi. Raqs is best known for its contribution to contemporary art, and has presented work at most of the major international shows, from Documenta to Venice Biennale, but the collective is active in a wide range of domains. The members of Raqs were co-curators of Manifesta 7, The European Biennial of Contemporary Art which took place in  Italy in the summer of 2008.