Kashish is the Urdu lafz used when describing someone or something that has charm and is attractive.

Wasim BarelviHere is a wonderful couplet by Wasim Barelvi using kashish:

Bahot bebaak aankhon mein taaluq tik nahin pata
Mohabbat mein kashish rakhne ko sharmana zaruri hai

Bold eyes cannot retain an intimate connection for long
To retain the charm in love, shyness is essential

Another couplet below by Sarvat Husain (rekhta.org) uses this lafz in a very different context:

Maut ke darinde mein ik kashish to hai ‘Sarvat’
Log kuchh bhi kahte hon khud-kushi ke bare mein

The wildness of death does appear charming ‘Sarvat’ (name of poet)
Whatever people may have to say about suicidal death