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Afwah is an Urdu / Persian lafz that means a rumour, some news on-the-fly (udti hui khabar), popular or common talk (without an substantive authority or validation)

Here is a beautiful sher by Nomaan Shauque with the lafz
Ishq kya hai, khubsoorat si koi afwah bas
woh bhi mere aur tumhare darmiyaan udti hai

What is love, but a beautiful rumour
That flies between you and me

Here is another couplet from the ghazal ‘Aandhi ka kar khayal, na tewar hawa ke dekh’ by Sabir Zahid

Aata hai kaun kaun tere gham ko baatne
‘Zahid’ tu apni maut ki afwah uda ke dekh

Who will will come to share your sorrows
Zahid (poet’s pen name), spread a rumour of your death and then see

Source: rekhta.org