jagjit%20singhHere is another wonderful gem brought to life by Jagjit Singh, written by Surinder Malik who wrote under the takhallus or pen name of ‘Gumnaam’ (which means unknown)

Yeh kaisi mohabbat, kahan ke fasaane
yeh peene pilaane ke sabh hain bahane

What is this love, what are these (love) stories
They are just excuses to drink and get drunk

woh daman woh unka, ke sunsaan sehra
bas humko to akhir hain aansoon bahane

That edge of her dress, that lonesome veil
I have to, eventually, shed those tears

yeh kisne mujhe mast nazaron se dekha
laggey khud ba khud kadam ladhkhadaane

Who is this who sees me with such charming eyes
My feet have started shaking, all on their own

Chalo tum bhi ‘Gumnaam’ abh meh-kade mein
tumhe dafn karne hai kayi gumm puraane’

Gumnaam, you too come to the wine parlor (bar)
You have many sorrows to bury

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