Nida FazliTwo legends of the Urdu fraternity, who have a lot more in common than the date, February 8 (one was born on the date, the other passed away last week, on thsi date), Jagjit Singh and Nida Fazli have mesmerized us and left us spellbound time and again. Here is a wonderful audio clip of one of their concerts overseas, in hinour of these two great legends.

Some interesting excerpts from their interactions –
Jagjit Singh on Nida Fazli
Jagjit Singh recollects a famous couplet by Nida Fazli that he used to read and recite in his childhood –
Naqsha utha ke ab koi naya sheher dhoondhiye
Iss sheher mein toh sabse mulaqat ho gayi

Pick up the map and go in search of a new town
Everyone in this city has been acquainted with

Jagjit_Singh_(Ghazal_Maestro)Nida Fazli on Jagjit Singh

Jagjit Singh zindagi ka ek andaaz hai
Woh mohabbat ki awaaz hai

Jagjit Singh is a way of life, he is the voice of love

When describing the origin and genesis and meaning of a ghazal, he says –
Ghazal, ghar tak mehdood nahi hoti, woh zindagi ki tarah la mehdood hoti hai, usmein apna dard bhi hota hai, zindagi ka dard bhi hota hai, iss dard ko Jagjit Singh ne mohabbat banaya hai, jiski zaroorat hamein hai, hamare mulk ko hai, poori kainaat ko hai

The ghazal has no boundaries, it is not limited to the home, like life, it is omnipresent. It has melancholy ingrained in it, and life’s pains inherent in it too. This melancholy has been beautifully transformed into love by Jagjit Singh, which is a need for all of us, for our nation and for the universe.

Some couplets read by Nida Fazli –
Taaron mein chamak, phoolon mein rangat na rahegi
Kuch bhi na rahega, jo mohabbat na rahegi

The sparkle in the stars, the colour in flowers, this won’t remain
Nothing will remain, if love doesn’t remain

From the ghazal – garaj baras pyaasi dharti ko paani de maula
Do aur do ka jod hamesha, chaar kahan hota hai
Soch samajh waalon ko thodi, nadaani de maula

Two and two doesn’t always make four
Give some naivety, to the intellectual ones, O Lord

Nida Fazli also narrates an anecdote from a mushaira (in the days Bombay was taken over by communal disharmony), where he read the following couplet –

Ghar se masjid hai bahut door
Chalo yun karle, kisi rote hue bache ko hasaya jaaye

The mosque is quite far from my house
Let’s do this, instead let’s make a crying baby happy

After reciting it at the mushaira, some men confronted him asking if he implied that children are greater than the mosque (kya bacha masjid se bada hai). He said he doesn’t know so much, except that ‘masjid ko insaan ke haath banate hai’ (the mosque has been made by the hands of man) aur ‘bache ko bhagwan ke haath sajate hai’ (A child is made by God).

Here is a link to the entire clip, as a tribute to Nida Fazli saab who passed away on February 8, 2016.