Parveen ShakirRahnuma (or rehnuma) means a leader or a guide, rehnumai is guidance or leadership

Here is a ghazal by the popular Urdu poetess Parveen Shakir, with rehnuma in the first couplet. Parveen Shakir started writing at an early age and published her first volume of poetry, Khushbu [Fragrance], to great acclaim, in 1976. She subsequently published other volumes of poetry – all well-received – Sad-barg [Marsh Marigold] in 1980, Khud Kalami [Talking To Oneself] and Inkaar [Denial] in 1990, Kaf-e-Aina [The Mirror’s Edge] besides a collection of her newspaper columns, titled Gosha-e-Chashm [Corner of the Eye], and was awarded one of Pakistan’s highest honours, the Pride of Performance for her outstanding contribution to literature in 1976. The poetry books are collected in the volume Mah-e-Tamaam [Full Moon] with the exception of Kaf-e-Aina. (Source: wikipedia)

Here is the ghazal with a rough English translation:

Charagh-e-raah bujha kya, ki rahnuma bhi gaya
Hava ke saath musafir ka naqsh-e-pa bhi gaya

When the lamps on the road were extinguished, the guide was lost too
With the blowing of the winds, the footprints of the traveler were lost too

Main phool chunti rahi aur mujhe khabar na hui
Vo shakhs aa ke mere shahr se chala bhi gaya

I was busy collecting flowers, and I didn’t notice (didn’t realize)
He came to my city and has left it too

Bahut aziz sahii us ko meri dildari
Magar ye hai ki kabhi dil mera dukha bhi gaya

My friendship is very dear to him
But it is true that sometimes my heart was pained too

Ab un darichon par gehre dabiz parde hai
Vo tank jhaank ka masoom silsila bhi gaya

Now there are thick curtains on those windows
Those innocent acts of peeping and peeking too has passed

Sab aaye meri ayaadat ko, vo bhi aaya tha
Jo sab gaye to mera dard-e-aashna bhi gaya

Everyone came to inquire about my well-being, he came too
When everyone left, my acquaintance with pain left too

Ye ghurbatein meri aakhon mein kaisi utri hai
Ki khwab bhi mere rukhsat hai ratjaga bhi gaya

This wretchedness has seeped into my eyes
My dreams seem to have left me, those sleepless nights have gone too