Daagh DehlviHere is a beautiful ghazal by Daagh Dehlvi, each couplet is a potent idea and rendered melodiously by Ghulam Ali saab in the link below.

Tumhaare khat mein nayaa ik salaam kis kaa thaa
Na thaa raqiib to aakhir vo naam kis kaa thaa

There was a new greeting in your letter, who was it for?
If it was not my rival, whose name was it?

Rahaa na dil mein vo be-dard aur dard rahaa
Muqiim kaun huaa hai maqaam kis kaa thaa

The merciless one left my heart, but the ache remained
Who took up residence, and whose place was it?

Vafaa karenge nibhaayenge baat maanenge
Tumhein bhii yaad hai kuchh ye kalaam kis kaa thaa

I will remain faithful, keep my word, do as you wish,
You must remember, whose song was this?

Guzar gayaa vo zamaanaa kahiin to kis se kahiin
Khayaal dil ko mere subah-o-shaam kis kaa thaa

Those days have gone by, who will listen to me?
My thoughts day and night, of whom were they?

Vo qatl kar ke har kisii se puuchhate hain
Ye kaam kis ne kiyaa hai ye kaam kis kaa thaa

She took my life, and asks everyone,
Who did this, whose work was it?ghulam Ali

Na puuchh-taachh thi kisii kii na aav-bhagat
Tumhaari bazm mein kal ehtamaam kis kaa thaa

No one asked questions, there was no warm welcome (when i came)
But who was it that got so much caring in your company yesterday?

Hamaare khat ke to purze kiye padhaa bhii nahiin
Suna jo tum ne baa-dil vo payaam kis kaa thaa

You tore my letter to pieces, did not even read it,
But you listened with all your heart, whose message was that?

Inhiin sifa’at se hotaa hai aadamii mashahuur
Jo lutf aap hi karate to naam kis kaa thaa

It is through such qualities that one achieves fame
If she is doing the favours, who is taking the credit?

Har ek se kahate hain kyaa “daag” bevafaa nikalaa
Ye puuchhe in se ko_ii vo gulaam kis kaa thaa

She says to everyone, “see how unfaithful Daagh turned out”
Somebody please ask her, whose slave was he?

Adapted from – https://plus.google.com/+HameedAnsariPakistan/posts