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zauqHere is Urdu poet Ibrahim Zauq’s most famous ghazal:

layi hayaat aaye qaaza le chali chale
na apni khushi aaye na apni khushi chale

Life brought me here and I came, when death took me away, I went away with it
Neither did I come of my own will, nor will I go of my own accord

behtar to hai yahi ke na duniya se dil lage
par kya karen jo kam na bedillagi chale

It is better of course, to not involve one’s heart in the matters of the world
But how does one live without getting involved (in the matters of the world)

ho umr-e-khizr bhi to kahenge bavaqt-e-marg
hum kya rahe yahan abhi aaye abhi chale

Even if one’s life span is as long as that of Khizr (Khizar is a revered figure in Muslim faith who is said to be contemporary of Moses and is still said to be alive)
Even then one feels, that life just began (we just arrived) and its already time to leave

duniya ne kis ka rah-e-fana mein diya hai saath
tum bhi chale chalo yun hi jab tak chali chale

When has anyone in the world accompanied one, on his journey to annihilation?
You too continue walking alone, on the path as long as the path goes

nazan na ho khirad pe jo hona hai wohi ho
danish teri na kuch meri danishvari chale

One should not be arrogant about one’s intelligence, for what has to happen will happen
Neither will your wisdom, not my intelligence change anything (make any difference)

kam honge is bisat pe hum jaise badqimar
jo chal hum chale wo nihayat buri chale

On this chessboard, there are only few gamblers like me who are so bad in playing it.
Whatever move I play, it turns out to be an extremely badly played move.

ja ki hava-e-shauq mein hain is chaman se ‘Zauq’
apni bala se baad-e-saba kaheen chale

I leave this garden amid the inner winds of desire, 0 Zauq!,
Why should I care if the pleasant morning breeze blows somewhere

With inputs from http://rahulnegi.blogspot.in/2012/11/layi-hayaat-aaye-qaaza.html

Here is a poignant clip from the TV serial Mirza Ghalib, with this ghazal sung in Bhupinder’s voice: