ahmed_farazA wonderful ghazal by Ahmed Faraz and sung by the legendary Mehdi Hasan:

Ab ke hum bichhde to shaayad kabhi khwaabon mein mile
jis tarah sookhe hue phool kitaabon mein mile

Now when we separate, we will probably meet in dreams
The way one stumbles upon withered flowers in books

Dhoondh ujde hue logon mein vafaa ke moti
ye khazaane tujhe mumkin hai kharaabon mein mile

Search for love and loyalty among the desolated
This treasure you will find among the ruined

tuu khudaa hai na meraa ishq farishton jaisaa
dono insaan hain to kyon itne hijaabon mein mile

Neither are you God, nor is my love like the angels
We are both humans, then why do we meet in veil (why do we have so many barriers between us)

Gham-e-duniyaa bhi Gham-e-yaar mein shaamil kar lo
nashaa badtaa hai sharaben jo sharaabon mein mile

Mix the sorrow of the world with the sorrow of the beloved
The intoxication increases, when different liquors are mixed

Aaj hum daar pe khenche gaye jin baaton par
kyaa ajab kal vo zamaane ko nisaabon mein mile

Today the things that have dragged us apart
It is a wonder that tomorrow, the world will find these in their fortunes

Ab na vo main hoon, na tu hai na vo maazi hai `Faraaz’,
jaise do shakhs tamannaa ke saraabon mein mile

Now I am not the same, neither are you, neither is the past, Faraaz
We are like two individuals who meet in the mirage of desires

Link to the ghazal in Mehdi Hasan’s voice: