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Tasavvur is the Urdu lafz for imagination and is often used in lyrics of Hindi films as well.
Here is a famous couplet from a Jigar Moradabadi ghazal which uses the lafz.

Ek Lafz-e Mohabbat ka, adna sa fasaana hai,
Simte to dil-e aashiq, phaile to zamaana hai

One word – love; when it shrinks, it can fit in a lover’s heart
If it expands it is the whole and this world just a part

Jigar MoradabadiYe kis ka tasavvur hai, ye kis ka fasaana hai?
Jo ashk hai aakhon mein, tasbeeh ka daana hai

Whose imagination made a fable of this story?
Each teardrop in the eye is a bead of the rosary

Below are some more couplets with the lafz:
Un kaa zikr un kaa tasavvur un ki yaad
Kat rahi hai zindagi aaraam se
Her mention, her presence in my imagination, remembering her
Life is going by quite comfortably

Dil dhundata hai phir vahi fursat ke raat din
Baithe rahe tasavvur-e-jaana kiye hue

The heart searches for those days of leisure and ease
When we would sit and imagine / dream of the beloves

This couplet was adapted from a famous Ghalib sher and is a popular song from the movie Mausam. Here is a link to the song: