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Haal-e-dil a Magazine has translated some famous bollywood dialogues in Hindi to explain what they would sound like without using Urdu words.

For example :

The famous dialogue from the film Mr. India where Amrish Puri says ” Mogambo Khush hua” in pure hindi would be ” Mogambo Prasann hua”

The song from the film Ishqiya titled ” dil toh bacha hai ji ” in hindi would be ” Hriday toh baalak hai ji”

Sunny Deol’s dialogue from the film Damini where he says ” Taariq par Taariq milti rahi hai milord” when translated into Hindi would  be ” dinaank par dinaak milti rah hai milord”

You can read the entire post on their link here: https://www.facebook.com/IshqUrdu?fref=photo