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Aage hi bin kahe tu kahe hai nahin nahin,

tujh se abhi toh hum ne voh baten kahi nahi

Mir Dard


Ahead of time, before I speak to you seek to deny

those matters that I haven’t even begun to imply

Khwaja Mir Dard  was born in 1721 and died in 1785. He is one of the three major poets of the Delhi School — the other two being Mir Taqi Mir and Mirza Sauda — who are considered the pillars of the classical Urdu Ghazal

Dard’s Persian prose works are extensive, consisting of the Ilm ul Kitab, a 600+ page metaphysical work on the philosophy of the Muhammadi path, and the Chahar Risalat, collections of more than a thousand mystical aphorisms and sayings.

here is another couplet by the poet:

Doston dekha tamasha yahan ka bas,

tum raho ab hum to apne ghar chale


My friend, we’ve seen enough fine sights, through which we loved to roam,

You stay on to enjoy them, we are ready to go home.