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‘In other Words’ is a book written by poet  Javed Akhtar.

In this title, his poetry speaks of the urban environment that shrouds him. His writing delves deeply into the themes of helplessness, hunger and homelessness, filth and crime, crowd and solitude, fame and obscurity, footpaths and skyscrapers. The cosmopolitan milieu becomes one with the tone and tenor of his writing. His evocative poems stretch across time and space. The bittersweet verses will leave you pondering upon various things long after reading.

This book is easily available online. Here is a link in case you wish to purchase it : http://www.flipkart.com/other-words-english/p/itme9g2pzvdhtykv?pid=9789351770237&srno=b_1&al=VI9czj2bJnIeHoaL7fKDgb0vWnElrAoLB2drdKS48TS90zVibJ883YaLq2lx4bRfFLwHQxVDMNU%3D&ref=3e0ca59c-5384-4edc-987b-356c300fc452