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Given Below are five couplets with the word ” Sharab” (meaning wine/alcohol) in it, to mesmerize your weekend

Jo haath mein jumbish nahi, ankhoon mein toh damm hai,

rehne do abhi sagar- o- mina mere aage



Though my hands tremble, my eyes can yet see,

let the cup and flask of wine remain in front of me

 Aaye thay hanste khelte mekhane mein Firaq,

jab pi chuke sharab, sanjida ho gaye

Firaq Gorakhpuri


I came to the tavern in high spirits,

now having had the wine, i have become somber

Luft-e-mai tujh se kya kahoon zahid,

hai kambakt tu ne pi hi nahi

Daag Dehlvi


How can you see the joys of wine o priest,

Since you have never had a sip.

na tum hosh mein ho, na hum hosh mein hai,

chalo mekhane mein vahin baat hogi

Bashir Badr


Neither are you in your senses nor am i,

lets go to the tavern and talk 

Zahid sharab pine de masjid mein baith kar,

ya woh jaga bata de jahan khuda na ho

Mirza Ghalib


Oh Priest, i know this is a mosque, let me drink inside,

or show me a place where god does not reside.