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Proverbs give an interesting insight into the cultural references of a language. Given Below are some interesting proverbs in Urdu with they meaning in English.

1. Aftaab ko Chiraag Dikhana – to Hold a candle to the sun

2. Arzoo Khak mein Mil jana – Hope to become ashes – to be disappointed

3. Asam se gira khajur mein atka – from the frying pan to the fire

4. Aqal ka dushman – a fool

5. Chota munh badi baat – big words from a small mouth

6. Choli daman ka saath hona – to be in very good terms

7.Der aye durust aye – Better late than never

8. Doodh ka Jala chachh bhi phunk phunk kar pita hai – Experience is the best teacher.

9. Dhobi ka kutta na ghar ka na ghat ka – a dog who runs behind two bones catches neither

10.Eid ka chand hona – to be seen very rarely.

Please share your favorite proverbs with us. We have many more to share with you in our following posts