gulzarGulzar saab at his very best as always! Here is a nazm from his book Raat Pashmine Ki.

Yeh raah bahut aasaan nahi
Jis raah pe haath chhuda kar tum
Yun tanha chal nikli ho
Iss khauf se raah bhatak jaao na kahin
Har mod pe maine nazm khadi kar rakhi hai…!
Thak jaao agar –
Aur tumko zaroorat pad jaaye,
Ek nazm ki ungli thaam ke waapas aa jaana…!!

This journey is not an easy one,
That you have, leaving my hand, embarked upon, alone
So you don’t lose your way, in your anxiety
I have placed a poem at every turn
If you get tired –
And if you feel the need –
Hold the fingers of one of these poems, and come back (to me)

Raat Pashmine KiAnd a description to the title of the book itself:
Ek sabab marne ka, ek talab jeene ki, Chaand pukhraj ka, raat pashmine ki
A reason to die, a craving to live, A topaz moon, a warm, cosy night