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A beautiful ghazal penned by Daag and Ameer Minayee, with simple, yet thought provoking ideas in each couplets

tumne badle humse gin-gin ke liye
humne kya chaaha tha is din ke liye

You took your revenge, counting every wrongdoing
What had I wanted, for such a day to come

wasl ka din aur itna mukhtasar
din gine jaate the is din ke liye

It was the day of meeting, but it was so brief
Days would be counted, waiting for this day

wo nahin sunte hamari kya karen
maangte hain hum dua jinke liye

She doesn’t listen to my appeals, what to do
The one who is in all my invocations

chaahne waalo se gar matlab nahin
aap phir paida hua kinke liye

If you have nothing to do with your loved ones,
For whom then, were you born (in the first place)

baarabaan kaliyan ho halqe rang ki
bhejnee hai ek kamsin ke liye

The flowers are to be of a soft shade of colour
They are to be sent to a young girl

The ghazal sung by Jagjit Singh is in the link below: