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Pyaar ka pehla khat likhne mein waqt to lagta hai
naye parindo ko udne mein waqt to lagta hai

It takes time…
To write the first love letter, it takes time
For young birds to learn to fly, it takes time

jism kee baat nahin thi unke dil tak jaana tha
lambi doori tay karne mein waqt to lagta hai

It wasn’t about the physical closeness, I had to get to her heart
To cover such a long distance, it takes time

gaanth agar pad jaaye to phir rishte ho ya dori
laakh karen koshish khulne mein waqt to lagta hai

If there is a knot, whether in a relationship or a string
However much one tries to untie the knot, it takes time

humne ilaaje zakhme dil to dhoond liya lekin
gehre zakhmon ko bharne mein waqt to lagta hai

I may have found the cure to the illness of the heart, but
For a deep wound to heal, it takes time

A beautiful and simple ghazal written by the poet Hasti and brought alive in Jagjit Singh’s mellifluous voice. Enjoy!