Main Jamal-e-Fitrat-e-Husn Hun,

Meri Har Ada Hai Haseen Tar

Jo Jhukon To Shakh-e-GulaabHun 

Jo Uthun To Abr-e-Bahaar hum

jamal-e-fitrat -husn – Jamal means beautiful or handsome, fitrat means nature or style and husn literally mean body but is used at elegance or beauty
Ada – expression/grace/beauty. Haseen- beautiful
jhukon – bend, Shakh -e-gulab – branch of a rose
uthon-get up, abr-e-bahaar-tree in spring or in bloom
So translated loosely it would mean:
I am the graceful phenomenon of Nature,
I am flawless in every way,
My bending is a rose bowing,
My rising is the rising of colorful clouds in spring.
Translation: Suhail Warsi