Moejza – means a miracle, or a story or legend about miracles, an act or event contrary to the established way of things, simply speaking a wonder.

qateelHere is a wonderful ghazal by Qateel Shifai with lyrical couplets, the first one uses the word mojeza. Below is also a link of the ghazal sung by Jagjit Singh.

Yeh moejza bhi mohabbat kayi dikhaye mujhe
Ke sang tujh pe gire aur zakhm aaye mujhe

Love shows me such miracles sometimes
The stone falls on you and I am wounded

Main apney paoon taley rondta hoon saaye ko
badan mera hi sahi, dopahar Na bhaaye mujhey

I crush my own shadow under my feet
The body may be mine, but these afternoons are not for me

Main ghar se teri tamanna jab pehen ke niklu
Barhana sheher mein koi nazar na aaye mujhe

When I leave home with a desire to see you
I don’t notice anyone else in the entire city

Woh meherbaan hai toh iqraar kyun nahi karta
Woh badgumaan hai toh sau baar aazmaye mujhe

He is kind, then why doesn’t he confess (his love)
He is mistrusting, so he tests me a hundres times

Main apni zaat mein nilaam ho raha hoon Qateel
Gham-e-hayaat se keh do ki kharid laaye mujhe

I am being auctioned in my own kind, Qateel
Tell my sorrow to buy me out.

(explanation of the last couplet is courtesy DK – an Urduwallahs reader)

Link to the ghazal by Jagjit Singh: