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Tarz – fashion, manner, style, form, way.

The word Tarz can be used in many ways, Given below are some examples:

Tarz -e-nau – new style

Tarz -e-adda – style of saying

Tarz -e-amal- style of action

Tarz-e-kuhan – ancient, old style

Tarz-e-nigah – Style of looking

Tarz -e- hayaat- lifestyle

Tarz-e-taghaful – style of neglect

Given below is a beautiful couplet by poet Faiz which brings out the meaning of this word beautifully:

ek tarz-e-taghaful hai so woh un ko mubarak

ek arz-e-tamana hai so woh hum karte rahenge


She/He is blessed with the style of neglect,

As for me, my expression of desire, that will continue.