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Given below is a poem written by poet Jan Nisar Akhtar, with its english translation.

Asha’r yun toh zamane ke liye hai,

Kuch sher faqat unko sunane ke liye hain

Some poems are written for the world,

But some couplets are meant for the beloved

Ab yeh bhi nahi theek ki har dard mitta de,

Kuch dard kalegey se lagane ke liye hai

Now it is not fair to expel all pain

Some pain is meant to be kept close to the heart

Aankhon mein bhar loge toh kaantoon se chubhenge,

Ye khwaab toh palkoon mein sajane ke liye hain

If you fill up your eyes, it will prick you like thorns

Some dreams are meant to be placed gently on your eyelids

Dekho tere haath, toh lagta hain tere haath, 

Mandir mein faqat deep jalane ke liye hain

when i see your hands, i feel like your hands,

Are only meant to light a candle at the alter

Socho toh badi cheez hai tahzeeb badan ki,

Varna toh badan aag bujhane ke liye hai

This futile etiquette revolving around the body,

when the body is meant to extinguish the fire within

Yeh ilm ka sauda, ye risaale, yeh kitabben,

Ek shaks ki Yaadon ko bhulane ke liye hain

This exchange of knowledge, these essays, these books

it is an excuse to forget the memories of the beloved.