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Shanaasai means being acquainted, or having familiarity (as is said in Hindi, jaan-pehchaan hona)

Here is a stunning ghazal written by Faiz Ahmed Faiz with a couplet which uses this lafz wonderfully. Faiz wrote this ghazal – ‘Chaand Nikle Kisi Jaanib’ (Let the Moon Appear), for a friend who had died unexpectedly, and asked Farida Khanum to sing it for him. Khanum recalled a thumri by Ustad Bade Ghulam Ali Khan in Manj Khamaj and adapted it for the ghazal. (Source: http://www.caravanmagazine.in/ vantage/ farida-khanum-sings-faiz)

faizChaand Nikle Kisi Jaanib Teri Zaebai Ka Rang Badle Kisi Soorat Shab-e-Tanhai Ka

(I wish) The moon rises, of your beauty (your gracefulness), from any direction today One glimpse of you would be enough to change the colour of this lonely evening

Daulat-e-Lab Se Phir Aye Khusru-E-Shireen Dehna Aaj larzaan Ho Koi Harf Shanaasai Ka

From your priceless lips, O royal princess with a lovable mouth Let there be words recognising our acquaintanceship

Here is the ghazal in Farida Khanum’s melodious voice: