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Mez- Table

Given below is an excerpt from Poet Javed Akthars very famous poem ” Woh karma yaad at a hai” which uses the word Mez. The entire poem has been posted on our blog before and the link is here:https://wordpress.com/post/27976973/2532/

wo choti mez par

aur saamne deewar par

aawezaan tasveeren

mujhe apnayeeyat se aur yakeen se dekhti thi

muskrati thin

unhein shak bhi nahin tha

ek din

main unko aise chod jayoonga

main ik din yun bhi jayoonga

ki phir wapas na aayoonga


On that small table

and in front, on the wall

those hung photographs,

looked at me with a sense of belonging and  honesty

smiled at me,

they had no clue

that one day

i would leave them and go away

that i would go in such a way

that i would never come back…