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Humanity died the day children were shot dead in Peshawar.

A Brutal massacre of 126 school children and their teachers. Every single one of us has contributed to this day with our apathy. Only victims today are the 126 deceased and their loved ones. Every one else had their fingers on the trigger. These were innocent children who were not born with religion or political preferences, these were just children, children of god. 

I read the epitaph of a palestinian child and realized that brutality towards children prevails throughout the world in some form or the other. An Epitaph of a child in Peshawar will not be very different from that of a Palestinian child.

I lived as best I could, and then I died.

Be careful where you step: the grave is wide.


Here is one basic and simple fact : Take any religion – convolute or dilute it to suit your interest and yet you will not find in it any text which tolerates the killing on innocent children.

*Urduwallahs are in solidarity with the children of Peshawar who lost their tender lives for no fault of theirs and the parents of these children who may never recover from this brutality.

-Arwa Mamaji-