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Begum Akhtar was a well-known Indian singer of Ghazal and Thumri genres of Hindustani classical music. She is referred to, as Mallika-e-Ghazal or the Queen of Ghazals.
 Her style of singing was inimitable and few could match her caliber when it came to pitch and voice modulation. Most of her compositions were self composed and based on ragas. She was a woman whose voice has reverberated through the generations and even the Indian Nightingale Sarojini Naidu had venerated her.
 This multi talented woman has acted in films from the 1930’s and also sang all her songs. Her last movie stint was that of a classical singer in Satyajit Ray’s film “Jalsa Ghar”.
 Join us at Mehfil as we listen to her melodious voice, and discuss her exquisite life.
Date: 09.12.14
Time: 7pm
Place Prithvi