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Sabr means patience

Besabr means impatience

Given below is a couplet with the word ‘ Sabr’ written by Bahadur Shah Zafar.

le gayaa chheen ke kaun aaj teraa sabr-o-qaraar 
beqaraari tujhe ai dil kabhi aisi to na thi 

Who has taken away patience and satisfaction
O heart ‘ you have never felt this kind of restlessness
Below is a an excerpt from Faiz’s poem which uses the word Besabr:
Jawaan lahu ki pur-asraar shaahrahon se
Chale jo yaar to daaman pe kitne haath pare;
Diyaar-e-husn ki be-sabr khwaabgaahon se
Pukaarti-rahin baahen, badan bulaate-rahe;
Bahut ‘aziiz thi lekin rukh-e-sahar ki lagan,
Bahut qariin thaa hasiinan-e-nuur kaa daaman,
Subuk subuk thi tamannaa, dabii dabii thii thakan.
Sunaa hai ho bhii chukaa hai firaaq-e-zulmat-o-nuur,
Sunaa hai ho bhii chukaa hai visaal-e-manzil-o-gaam;
By the mysterious highroads of youthful blood
When (we) friends set out, how many hands were laid on our skirt’s;
From impatient sleeping-chambers of the dwellings of beauty
Arms kept crying out, bodies kept calling;
But very dear was the passion for the face of dawn,
Very close the robe of the sylphs of light.
The longing was very buoyant, the weariness was very slight.
– It is heard that the separation of darkness and light has been fully completed,
It is heard that the union of goal and step has been fully completed;
You can hear and read the entire poem here: https://urduwallahs.wordpress.com/2014/08/15/the-dawn-of-freedom/