Taameer means construction, typically used in the context of building a house..

A beautiful ghazal below, sung by Jagjit Singh, that conveys a simple metaphor in a couplet, using this lafz:

Jab kisi se koi gila rakhna,
Saamne apne aaina rakhna,

Whenever you have complaints against anyone
Keep a mirror in front of you

Yun ujaalo se waasta rakhna,
Shamma ke paas hi hava rakhna,

Maintain a relationship with light such that
You keep a source of wind near the flame

Ghar ki taameer chahe jaisi ho,
Iss mein rone ki kuchh jagah rakhna,

However the construction of a house maybe
Keep some space in it, to cry

Masjidein hai namaaziyon ke liye,
Apne ghar mein kahi Khuda rakhna,

Mosques are for those who pray
Leave some space at home for God

Milna julna jahan zaroori ho,
Milne-julne ka hausla rakhna


Wherever meeting and greeting is necessary
Have the courage to meet and greet people