Brij Narain Chakbast (1882-1926) was one of the foremost lawyers of Lucknow in the early twentieth century. A veteran of the freedom movement, he wrote eloquently in support of ‘home rule’, as independence was termed in those days. His first book, titled Subh-e Watan (Morning in the Homeland), was published in 1931, five years after his death. He wrote in a variety of formats, including the ghazal. The sher from his collection that became most famous was:

Zindagi kya hai anasir mein zahur-e tarteeb
Maut kya hai inhi ajza ka pareshan hona

When elements become ordered, that’s all
But a moment when into chaos they fall

Source: The Taste of Words: An Introduction to Urdu Poetry. Edited and Translated by Raza Mir