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Here is a wonderful poetic explanation of what makes Urdu poetry come alive. As with most things, it is not just the ingredients that make the dish but the love of cooking that truly brings it to life. We do not know who has written this beautiful piece, nevertheless it is priceless.

Fikr Momin ki, zabaan Daagh Ki, Ghalib ka bayaan, Meer ka rang-e-sukhan ho toh ghazal hoti hai
Sirf alfaaz hi maane nahi karte paida, jazbaye khidmate fann ho to ghazal hoti hai

The imagination of Momin,
The language of Daagh,
The style of Ghalib
The flair of Meer makes a ghazal come alive,
Words alone don’t create meaning,
Dedication to the art makes a ghazal come alive.