The beautiful Urdu lafz Lutf means enjoyment, joy, pleasure.

Here is a classic ghazal and one of our favorites, by Fana Nizami Kanpuri, that was brought to the fore in Jagjit Singh’s melodious voice:

din guzar gayaa aitabaar mein
raat kat gayi intezaar mein

The day passed by, in believing
The night disappeared, in waiting

vo mazaa kahaan vasl-e-yaar mein
lutf jo milaa intezaar mein

Where is the joy in meeting (my beloved)
The kind of joy there is, in the waiting

unki ik nazar kaam kar gayi
hosh ab kahaan hoshiyaar mein

Her one glance, made such an impact
He who was awake, has lost his alertness

mere kabz mein kainaat hai
main hoon aap ke ikhtiyaar mein

I have the entire universe in my possession
(Yet) I am under your influence

aankh to uthi phool ki taraf
dil ulajh gayaa husn-e-khaar mein

The eyes were watching the flowers
The heart got entangled in the beauty of the thorns

tujhse kyaa kahen, kitane gham sahe
hamne bevafaa tere pyaar mein

What can I say to you, how many sorrows I have suffered
O unfaithful one, in your love

kis tarah ye gham bhool jaaye ham
vo judaa hua, iss bahaar men

How does one forget such a sorrow
He was separated, in such elegance