Fikr means imagination or idea. It can also mean opinion or reflection. In a different context, fikr also means concern or worry for someone.

Below are two ways of using this lafz:

Fikr as imagination or opinion:

Fikr Momin ki,
Zabaan Daagh Ki,
Ghalib ka bayaan,
Meer ka rang-e-sukhan ho toh ghazal hoti hai
Sirf alfaaz hi maane nahi karte paida,
Jazbaye-khidmate fann ho to ghazal hoti hai

The imagination of Momin,
The language of Daagh,
The style and statement of Ghalib
The flair of Meer’s poetry makes a ghazal come alive,
Words alone don’t create meaning,
Dedication to the art makes a ghazal come alive

Fikr as concern or worry:

faisla tumko bhool jaane ka
ek naya khwaab hai deewaane ka

The decision to forget you..
Is but a dream of a crazy person (typically crazy in love, in a good way)

dil kali ka laraz laraz uthaa
zikr tha phir bahaar aane ka

The bud began to quiver in anticipation,
At the mere mention of blooming and flourishing in spring

hausla kam kisi mein hota hai
jeet kar khud hi haar jaane ka

The courage is less in a person,
To win and yet choose to lose himself

zindagi kat gayi manaate hue
ab iraada hai rooth jaane ka

Life has been spent in appeasing and coaxing (the beloved),
Now the intention is to be displeased and offended (myself)

aap ‘Shehzad’ ki na fikr karein
woh toh aadi hai zakhm khaane ka

Do not be concerned or worried for Farhat Shehzad (the poet),
He is accustomed to being hurt or wounded

This ghazal by Farhat Shehzad has been brought to life by Mehdi Hassan, in the link below: