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Ahmad Faraz  (born Syed Ahmad Shah on 12 January 1931 in Kohat and died 25 August 2008) was a Pakistani Urdu poet. He was acclaimed one of the modern Urdu poets of the last century. ‘Faraz’ is his pen name or takhallus. Given below is a nazm written by him.

Khwaab Martay Naheen

Khwaab martay naheen
Khwaab dil hain, nah aankhen, nah saansen keh jo
Rezaa, rezaa huwe to bikhar jaayen ge
Jism kii maut se ye bhii mar jaayen ge




Dreams do not die
Dream are heart, nor eyes nor breath
Which shattered, will scatter
Die with the death of the body

2.Another poetic translation of the above


Dreams do not die
Dreams are heart, nor eyes nor a breath
Which shatter and then they scatter,
Die they all, with end being nigh