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One of our fellow Urduwallahs Safura Ubaid has sent us a dedication for the people of Gaza. The heart heartwrenching atrocity to humanity is expressed in a poem below.

The Dedication: Faiz Ahmad Faiz

phir barq faroozaan hai sar e wadiye sina
phir rang pe hai shola e rukhsar e hakeekat
pegham e ajal dawate deedar e haqeeqat
aye deeda e beena
ab waqt hai deedar ka dam hai k nahi hai
ab qaatil e jaan charagar e qulfat e gham hai
gulzar e iram partau e sehra e adam hai
pindar e junoon
hosala e rah e adam hai k nahi hai
phir barq faroozaan hai sar e wadiye sina
aye deeda e beena
phir dil ko musaffa karo is loh pe shayad
mabaen e man o tu naya paimaan koi utray
ab rasm e sitam hikmat e khasan e zameen hai
taeed e sitam maslihat e mufti e deen hai
ab sadyion k iqrar e ita’at ko badalnay
lazim hai k inkaar ka farmaan koi utray
aur Suno keh shayad,
yeh noor e saiqal…
Hay uss saheefay ka harf e awwal
jo har kass o nakas e zameen par
Dil e gadayan e ajmaeen par
Utar raha hay falak say ab kay
suno sark e lam yazal k
humhi tumhi bandagaan e baybas
aleem bhi hain khabeer bhi hain
suno ke hum bezuban o be kas
bashir bhi hain nazir bhi hain
aur har ek ul al amar ko sada do ke
apni fard e amal sumbhalay
uthay ga jab jam e sarfaroshaan
parain gay dar o rasan k lalay
koi na hoga ke jo bacha lay
jaza saza sab yeheen pe hogi
yeheen azab o sawab ho ga
yeheen say uthay ga shor e mehshar
yeheen pe roz e hisab hoga …



Once more, ablaze with lightning are the lands of Sinai valley!
Again, the face of reality is colored with fire,
message of annihilation, invitation to confront the truth.
O’ light of the eyes!
Now is the time to bear witness, whether we have the strength or not.
Now, the responsibility for healing our troubles and sorrow is vested in the enemy of our being;
the garden of paradise is reduced to manmade desert.
Do we have the pride of zeal and the courage to follow the manly path?
Once more, ablaze with lightning are the lands of Sinai valley!
O’ light of the eyes!
Again, let’s purify our hearts
in the hope that may on this slate,
between us, some new agreement is reached.
Now, tradition of oppression is the device of the elites of this world and support of oppression is the expediency of the Mufti of our faith.


To change the age old covenants of obedience
it is essential that there is a mandate of refusal (No).
And listen!
May be this light of Saiqal
is that best saying in the book,
that to make the hearts of everyone on this world yearn like a beggar,
is now descending from the heavens.
Morphed in this eternity
are we the helpless folks,
who are the learned as well as the well informed.
We the voiceless and the friendless
are Basheer as well as Nazeer
And call out to everyone in seats of authority
to exercise caution in dispensing their wisdom.
When the gathering of martyrs will rise
there will be a dearth of hanging ropes;
there will be no saviors.
All requitals and punishments will be meted here itself;
here itself, retributions and rewards will be determined;
from here, the noise of tumult will arise;
here itself, will be the day of judgment.


* Urduwallahs are in Solidarity with the people of Gaza