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kaanton se khinch ke ye aanchal
tod ke bandhan baandhe paayal
koi na roko dil ki udaan ko
dil vo chalaa
aaj phir jine ki tamannaa hai
aaj phir marane kaa iraadaa hai
Pulling the fringe of the sari from thorns
Breaking all ties I wore my anklets
Don’t stop the soaring of the heart
Here goes the heart
Today I wish to live again
Today I attend to die again

 These lyrics are from the film ‘Guide’ written by Shailendra who is the most underrated Hindi film lyricists of yesteryears. Born Shankardas Kesarilal in Rawalpindi, he is popularly known by his takhallus or pen name Sahilendra.

His association with the filmmaker Raj Kapoor and the composers Shankar –Jaikishan is well known. They worked on some of the masterpieces produced by Indian cinema in the 1950s and the 1960s including films like “Awara” and “Shri 420”.

There are many facets to this interesting personality. Join us at Mehfil to explore his work and to hum some of his evergreen melodies.


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